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{Latest} Download CyberFlix TV APK for Firestick/Android/PC

Are you looking for the latest CyberFlix TV apk for your favorite device?

CyberFlix is one of the amazing TV streaming apps to watch your favorite TV shows with your comfort.

Earlier the name of this app was Terrarium TV, which was later changed with a better name. They have just changed the name of this app, rest all is same. All the features, designs, speed everything is as same as Terrarium App.

So what have been changed?

Digital entertainment is a very hot space right now, especially in developing countries like India where the internet boom only recently reached its peak. Every other digital streaming company like Netflix, HotStar, Zee are trying their luck in the developing countries.

The Video-On-Demand company Netflix is also trying its luck in India. The country head of Netflix India, in a recently held conference, went on to say that they’re looking to bring down the prices to suit more and more Indian households, which is really fantastic, consider the ambition the company currently has.

Even though these digital streaming companies have to offer so much, they charge very high prices, which can be sometimes, very hard for an average person to afford. Also, considering the fact that majority of the crowd using these services are of pretty young age and most of them are still in their college become a daunting task.

But, there is a similar kind of service that lets you enjoy the service without paying a bomb and in this article, we will mostly be talking about it.

Introducing CyberFlix TV…

CyberFlix is an awesome video streaming app available for Android and FireStick. The biggest advantage of this video streaming app is that it costs nothing to use this app. Yes, you read it right, it’s free.

Loaded with lots of content from every genre like action, thriller, romance, etc. This app boasts of having both TV Series as well Movies in different languages.

How it came into Existence

There was a reason for CyberFlix to come into existence. A couple of years back, Terrarium TV was very popular among users, but, it stopped working, courtesy to bugs and glitches that this app carried.

Soon, after the emergence of CyberFlix, Terrarium TV completely went out of the picture and as of now, CyberFlix is dominating the market very well and we expect it to do the same in the future as well.

Some amazing features of CyberFlix TV that sets its apart from the crowd:-

a) Available for multiple platforms

Unlike its competitors, CyberFlix TV is widely available across different platforms. The platforms include Android, PC (with a slight tweak) and FireStick.

b) Regular addition in the content available on the platform

One of the best things about CyberFlix TV is that it’s creators work hard to make sure that their users enjoy the latest TV Series and Movies.

c) Perfect integration with third-party media players

The developers of this app have integrated several third-party media apps like VLC Media Player and MX Player. This integration comes handy while watching when a user is asked for their choice of media player for watching their favourite Movie or TV Series.

d) Subtitles Support

CyberFlix TV comes with subtitle support, i.e. if you are watching any TV Series which is not available in your favourite language, then you can always take help from the subtitles.

e) Great UI with the option to download content

This app has really good UI, which results in having a very good experience while using this app. Not to mention that it also has the option to allow to download your favourite TV Series or Movie.

Supported Platforms

While the other competitors still struggle to run on an Android device. CyberFlix TV is available for other platforms as well. Imagine having the liberty of enjoying the same content and having great UI with lots of features. The developers have worked hard on this app, and they have made it available for Amazon Firestick as well as Android. Not to mention that, with little tweaks, this app can also be used on a computer, be it a Windows machine or a MacOS.

How to Install CyberFlix TV on your Android Device

CyberFlix TV is not available on the Google Play Store, hence, you have to download it from the link given below.

Click here to download

Also, you have to enable the installing of APKs from unknown sources in your settings. This will allow this APK to get installed on your android device. Generally, the installation of APKs from unknown sources is disabled. That’s why we have to do enable this.

The steps to install this app on an android device is shown below:-

Note:- Please follow the steps carefully so that you can install the app properly.

Step 1: Download the app from the link given above.

Step 2: Once you have downloaded the APK, open it and click Install as shown in the image below. If it asks something after clicking on the Install option, simply tap Continue or Okay as per the availability.

Step 3: After installing, click on Open.

Step 4: Once you open the app, it will ask you for several permissions. Simply, go ahead with all of them.

Step 5: After allowing for all the permissions, you will be redirected straight to the homepage, which shows different TV Shows/Movies. It also has a search button in the top right corner as shown below.

Step 6: You can search for your favourite TV Series/Movies and then choose your default media player and hit Okay.

Step 7: Once you are done with the above step, the stream will open in the media player that you choose beforehand. In my case, I choose MX Player, so my stream opened in the MX Player.

Now, in the above screenshot, you can see that I successfully played my favourite TV Series, The Flash in MX Player using CyberFlix TV

Some Alternatives to CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix is really fantastic streaming available across Android, PC and Firestick. But, if because of any reason, you are not able to enjoy this amazing app, then, you can look out for alternatives that are mentioned below:-

a) Showbox TV

Showbox TV is also a media streaming app available for Android devices. It also contains huge content for watching including TV Series and Movies.


CkayTV is a little bit different from CyberFlix and Showbox. Instead of showing TV Shows/Movies, this app contains TV Channels from around the world. This app can easily be classified as a live TV app, which enables you to enjoy live streaming of hundreds of tv channel on the go.


TeaTV is very much similar to Showbox TV and CyberFlix with lots of content available to watch on the go. It is also available for Android and PC (with some tweaks).

d)TVTap Pro

This app can be classified as an all-in-one. It contains both live TV channels as well as pre-recorded popular TV Series and Movies. One bad thing about this app is that it doesn’t have that much content when compared to Showbox TV and CyberFlix. Still, it can easily be counted as one of the best alternatives.

Can CyberFlix TV shutdown as Terrranium TV?

Of course, it can. A lot depends on the number of users that are using the platform. If the app becomes highlighted, then there is a very good chance that it will get a lawsuit and because of this, the developers will have to close down this app. But, it’s the future and we don’t much about it. Terranium TV had a good run as well. But, ultimately, it came in eyes of the producers, which led to its service becoming bad.

How to Stay Safe while watching CyberFlix TV?

Being safe and avoiding any legal charges should your first priority. Since this app comes with a lot of copyright infringement material, there is a high chance, you might face some issue in the future if you don’t act properly.

You can avoid these problems using various ways. One of them is by using VPN. A VPN creates an extra layer between you and the content available through illegal means. Thus, it keeps you safe, while you enjoy the content.

Legality of CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is obviously not legal, but, a lot depends on the country you reside in. CyberFlix shows the content on its app from illegal sources, that is, not acceptable by any media house, or production team.

Every app asks you to accept their Disclaimer where they state that the person using this app is fully responsible for their actions on the platform. Although, this app has some legal content which is also available on YouTube for free.

But most of the content available falls under the category of copyright infringement. Thus, it is advised to use these apps at your own risk.


CyberFlix TV is indeed one of the most amazing streaming apps we currently have that is not only available for Android but also available for other platforms such as Amazon Firestick and Windows PC (or MacOS).

In this article, we tried to cover every aspect of this app. We started up from the introduction, and then moved to features, supported alternatives and then showed the whole installation process.

If you faced any issues, regarding installing this app, then do let us known in the comment section below. We will try to help you out. So, this was all about the CyberFlix TV application.