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Free Movies Streaming Websites Without Signup

Every thriving industry is woke to the importance of the availability and easy accessibility of their products and/or services.

The easiest medium which diverse fields achieve these through is digitization. ‘Serious’ fields such as medicine has adopted this; there are apps, social media spaces, online community interactions that tract, advise and share medical contents, so also ‘fun’ industries such as  entertainment, aren’t lagging behind as well.

The film industry is one of the global resources we have in the world and the fans, believers and lovers of diverse movies are the happiest when they have access to movies, especially on the go.

Not everyone has time for TV time, some can’t even make time out to go to the movies and others just take their time as they watch a movie- they could watch a 120 minute movies in a period of 7 days. 

This is where these movie streaming sites emerged from; these websites meet a need and much more. The movies are made available in high quality, the days of old and pixelated quality are long gone. They do not have to use up their memory space to store a movie when they can just stream and there is a whole online community on these sites.,

At first, these streaming sites required that one must have an account, sign up and be a part of the community.

This will require signing up, agreeing to some long terms and conditions no one reads and just being ‘spamed’ with newsletters in one’s inbox but thank goodness, those days are over! Movie lovers can now enjoy watching films online on sites that do not require them to sign up.

These are the list of streaming sites, in no particular order, that do not require a sign up and guess what the best part is: they are all free. Here they are:


Just like the name suggests, you can watch movies ranging from Aquaman to Zombie World.

One of the highlights of this website is the user interface; the entire layout and the almost obsessive alphabetical order arrangement of the movies just make it easy to navigate.

On AZMovies.com, you can search by movie titles, genres and even actors. All you need to enjoy these movies is a good internet connection and it’s super legit.


If you love to wait a while to watch movies or you just love old movies that aren’t readily available; Fmovie is your go to site. The website has a layout of old movies, say 2 years back from the current year and has a Trending page where you can catch up on the latest movies.

One distinct feature of this website is the description of each movie. Each movie has a detailed descriptive snippet that gives the users a sneak peek into the movie before thy set out to watch ‘em.

Movie Ninja

Movie streaming just got cooler on this website as they have just launched new servers that show HD quality of movies; they have about 4 servers and each with its own features. Users have options within the same site.

Another really exciting feature of this website is the subtitles for the lovers of text while motion pictures is being watched.


Have you ever seen such a wide genre variety before you go on this website? There are genres of movies on there we didn’t even know existed. You can also choose your region and this will search different serves and feed you with trending movies in your location, not just globally. The series option here is one of the reasons this website made our list.

Yes! Movies

This is another website you do not need an account for to enjoy the content. It’s a little bit clogged; the UI can be improved but there are no annoying ads or irritating pop-ups. All the content you would be exposed to are movies, series, and shows. This website has a feature others doesn’t have – Top IMDb page.

The movies on this page have high rates and positive reviews on the popular movie review and recommendation site – IMDb. This makes it easier for users to utilize their time on the site; you can just watch A-rated movies and spare your time of going through different movies.


This website is all encompassing; not just movies, but series, TV shows, political shows, documentaries, biographies, even some interviews, world series, etc. If anything was ever made into motion pictures, you should find on here. On this website, you will find the pages easy to navigate. It is not clogged up like most websites that perform similar functions; the layout is simple yet effective.


Only trending, new and top-notch movies are on this site. The entire site feature 3 pages of movies; no series, nos hows, just great and new movies. It’s a narrow site for lovers of new and only great movies. Streamlinkers carved out a niche for themselves, their focus is most probably on quality not quantity and we can say, they are making true their claim. Streamlikers is easy to us and the layout is simple.

These are but a few of streaming websites that do not require sign up; these are just the ones with good layout, easy-to-navigate features, total responsive and compatible on phones and browsers. Generally, what stand out great websites from others is not just the content, but the entire style, layout, text, keywords, images and plugins.

This rule applies for streaming websites as well, because the most important content on here is visual. The websites that make this list are aethestically built – attention was paid to the overall look and feel and this will in turn affect user experience.

These websites have also minimized, to a great deal, ads and pop-ups. These websites have made movies available to the mobile man and have become movie drive-throughs.

The qualities of the content on these website also matters significantly; some of the websites that did not make this list have very low movie quality; and this can be a pain to most creative eyes.

The websites on the above list have diverse kinds of movies; they aren’t restricted to a particular geograhic location or genre. Some of them even have anime series and this makes them easy to use by a whole range of people, bridging the diversity gap.

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