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How To Install Exodus on Kodi

One of the things we love about Kodi is that it’s free and an open-source media player.

Kodi, without the add-ons and special features can be likened to a milkshake without extra cream; the extra cream makes it creamier, hence, makes it more delicious and satisfying than the regular one.

Installing these on Kodi brings an entirely new and spectacular experience when watching movies and TV shows. Exodus is probably one of the best add-ons you can have on Kodi.

The large content library present in Exodus has endeared many users to it. Many users think it is the best on-demand TV and movie streaming platform available.

Kodi Exodus features a wide variety of content ranging from premium TV show only available on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, All you need with a library this vast is a great internet connection and you might never have to watch cable again.

It also features one of the largest movie collection available online. It cancels out the need to use a torrent application or search for a video online to stream. You can also stream HD quality easily.

Kodi also features access to documentaries. You might need to work on a project or be working on a research paper, all you need i check the well-organized documentaries tab. One of the best features is its added functionality for secure browsing.

Before we get started into the easy guidelines of installing Exodus, there are some important things to note:

  • Kodi doesn’t encourage piracy, that means, you should use Kodi and its add-on legally ONLY.
  • Exodus is one of the third-party features the open APIs on Kodi enables. However, Exodus has an exception. It claims that it’s only the links and video sources that it hosts not the media content. Therefore, go ahead and use Exodus with no sense of guilt and fear.
  • A lot of times, the add-ons usually come from unknown developers, hence, Kodi restricts downloading and watching from such sources. Before you install Exodus, you will need to set up allowing unknown sources in your Kodi. How to do this:
  • Open Kodi. Click Settings, then System Settings
  • Click on Add-ons. Tap the next button to Unknown sources. Make sure to click Yes to confirm.
  • You now have ease of access to install add-ons like Exodus for a better user experience.

●  You need to get a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to use Exodus on Kodi. This is to avoid problems like the add-on not working. This VPN will put an camoflague on the video so that your ISP won’t mark it as a Kodi video, so, you won’t be blocked. The easiest way to find a VPN is to search VPN in your browser and pick the one with the top reputation.

You are all set to download Exodus.

METHOD 1: (The Lazy Repository)

This repository is a very good one which has various add-on tools. You can install Exodus here on Kodi Krypton and Kodi Jarvis, and you can also get updates at times. We have put together an easy step by step procedure to install Exodus:

1) Open your Kodi, click Settings

2) Click File manager.

3) Double click Add Source, then click None.

4) Type the following URL or copy and paste the following URL in your Kodi, http://lazykodi.com/ and click OK.

5) Enter a name to save this source. For example, you can enter Lazy repo, and click OK twice to save the source.

Please note that the name you enter has to contain a part of the URL path.

6) Go back to the Main menu on the Kodi, and click Add-ons, then click the Package icon on the upper left.

7) Select Install from zip file.

Select Lazy repo (the file name you just saved).

9) Click ZIPS and click KODIBAE.zip

10) Wait for the notification on the upper right corner to show you the repository to install.

11) On the same screen, click Install from repository.

12) Click Kodi Bae Repository.

13) Click Video add-ons.

14) Click Exodus.

15) Click Install at the bottom left.

16) Wait for the notification to show that Add-on installed.

You can now open Exodus and start enjoying watching movies.

METHOD 2: Using the Kodi Bae Repository

You can also install Exodus on Kodi with the Kodi Bae repository following these simple steps:

  1. Download the Kodi Bae Repository file.
  2. Open Kodi, click Add-ons, click the package icon at the upper left.
  3. Install from zip file.
  4. Select the zip file of the repository you just downloaded.
  5. Upload and install Exodus in your Kodi.

Voila! Exodus is available to be used.

METHOD 3: Install Kodi with All Eyez on Me Repository

This repository is the newest on the add-on market for Kodi.

1) Open Kodi, and click Settings > File manager.

2) Double click Add Source, then click None.

3) Type the following URL, or copy and paste the following URL in this field http://highenergy.tk/repo/  and click OK.

4) Name this repository with All Eyez on Me Repo, and click OK twice to save the repository. Then you should see a notification on the upper right to show you that it’s installed.

5) Go back to Kodi homepage, and click Add-ons, and click the Package Icon at the upper left.

6) Go to Install from zip file > All Eyez on Me Repo.

8) Click  repository.alleyezonme-1.4.zip. Then you should see it’s installed notification on the upper right.

9) On the same screen, click Install from repository. Then click All Eyez on Me repository (the name you just saved).

10) Select Video add-ons.

11) Select Exodus to install.

12) Click Install at the bottom right corner.

13) Wait for a few seconds to wait for it to download. Then you should see a notification on the upper right to show it’s installed.

Once this is done, go ahead, dive in, explore, enjoy and be entertained.

After installing Exodus on your Kodi, you may want to know the further configurations of it, such as how to update Exodus and how to uninstall Exodus. These are easy processes as well.

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